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Richie Muir Acoustics


Richie Muir Acoustics is the Wedding Musician and Vocalist for Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and East Midlands.

With 20 years of experience in the music industry the Richie Muir Wedding Band creates the perfect atmosphere to make your wedding day the best day of your life.

Richie takes old and new classics and gives them an acoustic unplugged Radio 1 Live Lounge feel so even the oldies sound fresh and have a new contemporary sound that keeps the crowd of all ages dancing and partying the night away. All performed with the perfect balance and volume to create that party atmosphere.

The Perfect Soundtrack

Imagine walking down the aisle to solo acoustic guitar and vocals, and then on into the the champagne reception. Solo acoustic guitar or Richie Muir Band live music sets fill the dance floor for an evening of dancing.

Whatever size your event, Richie Muir Band have the days’ soundtrack covered.

Every Occasion

We work with local businesses to bring everything together to create the perfect soundtrack for your big day.

The Richie Muir band doesn’t stop at weddings.

Whatever the occasion: Weddings, Anniversary Parties and Corporate Events, we can provide live music to enhance your event, presenting a memorable day or night for each and every guest.