Where To Spend Your Money On A Budget Wedding

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The best entertainment for wedding receptions is a live band. A disco to please everyone.

Where To Spend Your Money On A Budget Wedding

Latest 2018 figures show that the average amount that couples spend on their big day is £27k. Can you still read me or are your eyes watering more than the day he got down on one knee!? Silly money eh, but even if you’re thinking around the ball park of £12k or even a no-frills £5k for your dream wedding, every couple has a budget, right? So how do you figure out where to spend your hard earned cash and still have everyone talking about your wedding like it was the best one they ever attended?

What Will They Remember?

It’s fair to say that if you cast your mind back to some of the weddings you have been to in your life, the ones you remember the most are the ones where you had the most fun. Sure, it’s important to have the dress of a princess and a meal that won’t work your nana’s dentures loose, but if you can end your perfect day closely surrounded by those you love in a euphoria of happiness and blissful contentedness then you have found the perfect formula. Picture this : as the band plays the last song, you and your friends and family are linked arm in arm, in a circle on the dance floor. Everybody is exhausted from a few hours of floor fillers and disco favourites. The tunes have been perfectly chosen to keep everyone on the floor despite their genre and generation from the obvious popular songs to the oldies with a modern twist. As the dancing releases every ounce of happy endorphins into your wedding party you look around and feel smug that you wisely decided to set aside a part of your budget for a live band. Your day is complete.

How Much Does A Live Band Cost?


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